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Date: January 19 • 2024
End date: March 14 • 2024

Online: January 26 to March 14, 2024

Various mediums in the Atrium

In a world saturated with noise, art seeks to carve a space for contemplation and connection. The student artists participating in Emerging Talent 26 have worked through the creative process to connect their inner worlds with the outer world, their feelings with their ideas, and themselves with their communities. This is an invitation for you to connect—with yourself, others and the world at large.

The subtle process of working with colour, shape, form and texture embodied through art enhances our experience of the world. Colour as a language speaks volumes about the artist’s intent. From the vibrant and energetic to the muted and introspective, the palette becomes a conduit for emotion. While creating art, we are aware of our thoughts and feelings while in touch with the reality of materials. This awareness has equipped these young artists to make sensible, genuine, well-considered decisions because of their experience creating art.

Great thanks are due to the SD43 art teachers who know that developing creative thinking and processes is vital and enhances the student. Also, working knowledge of art materials translates into an increased connection with oneself, your surroundings and the community. Our teachers work tirelessly to support our student artists.

Opening Reception

January 19 • 7 pm to 9 pm • 1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam

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