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Each month, Place des Arts recognizes an outstanding volunteer through our Volunteer of the Month program. The Volunteer of the Month receives recognition on our website and in our volunteer e-newsletter.

Current Volunteers of the Month: Maddy Baker and Annika Sibayan!

These wonderful volunteers who assisted with our Spring Break camps were incredibly attentive to the children and showed problem-solving skills and enthusiasm. Annika was willing to lend a helping hand in a myriad of different environments, and Maddy has been a consistent and warm presence for the kids at our camps.


Rachel Sin-Tak-Lam

Eva Shin

Joanna Kwon

Maya Dermott

Miukee Yip

2022/2023 Past Volunteers of the Month

Sung Jin Lee

Emily Droulis

Josh Shayo and Indah Del Bianco

Mary Eddicott

Emiko Mader

Sarah Oki

Gianna Jian

Bobby Nguyen

Eun-Sae Choi

Bithika Trivedi

2021/2022 Past Volunteers of the Month

Indah Del Bianco and Joshua Shayo
Jaycie Say

Mary Hall

Juliana Mendes Pires

Fernanda Galindo

Ore Eniade

Keyaan Vegdani

Ming Kong

Grace Park

Jennifer Misera

Indah Del Bianco

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