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January brings in a new year and more classes to Place des Arts. We’re excited to announce some of our classes and updates to current classes. Find out more below!


Preschool Movement and Music (Music)

In-Person | 2-5 years

Led by a certified music therapist, Gabrielle Unser, your child will have the chance to sing, move, dance, explore new instruments and engage socially with other children. This class will help grow sensory skills and aid in emotional development.

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Speech Arts and Drama (Theatre)

In-Person and Online | 5-14 years

Christine Bissonette will teach students how to engage with the speaking portion of language learning. You’ll develop confidence as a speaker as well as an appreciation for the art of giving an engaging performance and presentation.

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Creative Writing (Literary Arts)

In-Person and Online | 7-12 years

We have a new teacher joining us for our Winter session, Madeleine Moore! Through a combination of group and individual activities, explore a wide range of writing styles and techniques, including narrative, poetry and creative non-fiction. We have added another class for 8-12-year-olds starting in January.

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Draw and Sculpt (Visual Arts)

In-Person and Online | 7 -13 years

Join Lena Savic and use different animals as your inspiration, learn how to draw and create them as 3D figures. You will learn various drawing methods and techniques and learn the art of sculpting and turn your 2D drawing into a 3D figure.

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