Lena Savic

Visual Arts Teacher

Lena Savic studied Art History at Belgrade University and Fine Arts at Langara College and ECUAD. She had worn many hats in art; from art critic, juror, curator, art dealer, gallery manager, to art instructor and practising artist in her East Side studio. She took part in artist residencies in Italy, Cuba and Vancouver’s schools.

For over 15 years Lena was involved as a volunteer, community art project-leader and instructor in various art programs and events for children and adults across Metro Vancouver. Her interests are diverse, yet throughout all her work in photography, mixed media, installation, painting, drawing and earlier ceramics, she has been drawn to the texture.

As an instructor, Lena emphasizes formalism as a foundation of visual literacy. Besides creativity, she believes that art stimulates focus, cognition, self-confidence, perseverance, resourcefulness, social and emotional development and health.

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