This year we have thirty-two incredible artists in our annual miniature exhibition. We’re excited to share all their work with you, but for now we’ll settle for five of them! Find out more about three long-standing artists and two new artists that are doing some fantastic things!

Meet Bruce Campbell.

Bruce has been selling in our Artisan Shop and contributing to Positively Petite for quite some time. He made his hobby of turning wood into a business by creating furniture and functional objects.

This year for Positively Petite he was inspired to do a small design that is not completely round, rather triangular and then used a variety of wood embellishment techniques to make each unique. His elegant wood pieces are extremely striking and beautiful at every angle.


Meet Christine Yurchuk.

Christine is a long-time exhibitor at Place des Arts both as a part of Suite E Life Drawing group and in our annual Positively Petite exhibition. She is Coquitlam-based and her mediums of choice are watercolours and acrylics.

Christine’s art is primarily representational which requires her to search for a unique perspective on a chosen subject. For her, each painting is a journey, where she can revisit a place, relive a moment or reexperience an emotion. This year, her wonderful dog paintings capture each dog’s personality in its natural state.


Meet Joyce Gillespie.

Joyce Gillespie is a long-time seller in our Artisan Shop and an exhibiting artist and is very involved in the local theatre scene. Joyce is fascinated by miniature objects and takes the opportunity to exhibit in Positively Petite to do something she wouldn’t normally do. This year she has a special collection of women at the beach that are both whimsical and humourous.



Meet Clove Bird.

Clove Bird is new to Positively Petite and Place des Arts. She is a realist watercolour and her work focuses on small everyday joys, including turning a loving eye to the human body.

Inspired by miniature portraits intended to be held by lovers, these tiny watercolours are meant to invite the viewer into a quiet moment with the painting. Each painting celebrates a different person and mood, and all pieces celebrate the soft beauty of the human form. Her fat positive portraits in the exhibition are both intimate and powerful.


Meet Homa Rezaei.

Homa immigrated to Canada sixteen years ago and has lived in the Tri-Cities ever since. She is self-taught with the help of books and started by practicing drawing and developed into using watercolour paints.

Her work is inspired by nature and strives to capture its magic by utilizing the flow of watercolours. She finds the medium incredibly versatile and allows her to paint dreamy landscapes as well as detailed botanicals. For Homa, painting is a form of meditation, and she hopes that her paintings convey optimism and tranquillity. Her excellent technique is exemplified by her delicate and ornate paintings of nature.

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