It’s time to start thinking of the new year and we have so many incredible art classes to inspire and delight for all ages and skill levels. We offer classes (group sessions) and lessons (one-on-one) in dance, music, visual, literary and theatre arts. Take a look below for some of the highlights of 2020, with spots still available.

Dance Lessons and Classes

Place des Arts’ caring and highly skilled teachers make dance fun and challenging and take pride in making sure all students receive personalized attention. We offer classes in ballet, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, tap and more.

For Kids

Tiny Tutus, 4-5 years (on Tuesdays and Saturdays). An introduction to dance with emphasis on the basic elements of movement, coordination, musicality and group interaction skills.

For Adults (18+)

Adult Hip Hop: All Levels (on Saturdays). In this fun, high-energy hip hop class, learn the fundamentals of hip hop movements from grooving to isolations. Improve your coordination, musicality and sense of rhythm, and develop confidence in moving your body to music.

Adult Jazz: Beginner (on Saturdays). This class is suitable for beginners and those returning to dance after several years. Each class begins with a full-body cardio warm-up focusing on building strength, flexibility and technique. Across-the-floor exercises and some short choreography will be covered to exercise both mind and body.

Music Lessons and Classes

For Kids

Guitar: Intermediate, 13-17 years (on Wednesdays). Take the next step with your guitar. Broaden your musical scope by studying and comparing songs and musical styles and further developing technical skills. Arrange songs spontaneously to create a real ensemble situation and explore the potential of the guitar in music from across genres and around the world. Students should bring an acoustic or nylon string guitar.

Rockstar 101, 9 – 12 years (on Fridays). Always wanted to stand on stage and rock out with your friends? Rockstar 101 is your big moment! Learn the basics of forming a band, use your voice, try a new instrument such as guitar, ukulele or piano and experiment with a variety of percussion instruments. No previous music skill required.

For Adults (18+)

Cello Ensemble: Adults (on Thursdays). Have fun while learning how to play in a small cello ensemble. You will improve your intonation, rhythm and technique while developing new repertoire and learning to play chamber music.

Guitar for Adults (on Wednesdays). Learn about music and the guitar in a fun ensemble setting. We’ll cover basic techniques and theory while exploring all genres including jazz, blues, rock, pop, country, folk, classical, hip hop, various world music forms and more. Students should bring an acoustic or nylon string guitar.

Theatre Arts Lessons and Classes

For Kids

Tiny Musical Theatre, 4-5 years (on Thursdays). Learn to sing, dance and act all at once! Through games and exercises, you’ll be introduced to warming up, vocal exploration, coordination and storytelling. Sing, dance and act out your favourite stories, and use your imaginations to create stories of your own.

Musical Theatre III, 10-13 years (on Thursdays). Study the skills of singing, dancing and acting and then learn how to put them all together. Play theatre games, learn lines and lyrics and then combine your skills in a short musical theatre piece and perform it at the end of the session for family and friends.

Visual Art Lessons and Classes

For Kids

Let’s Get Digital: Intro to Digital Media, 8 – 12 years (on Thursdays).  In this introduction to digital media for kids, learn how to create art through different mediums within the digital world. From pixel art to animation and game making, this class is catered to curious minds who want to create using computers.

Felting for Kids, 8 – 12 years (two-day class on Thursdays). Discover the possibilities of felting and learn how to transform wool into many beautiful pieces of fibre art. You will learn about the science and history of felting, then use your imagination to create colourful felted beads, acorns and vessels.

For Adults (18+)

Table & Floor Loom Weaving (on Tuesdays). Weaving on a four-shaft loom allows for endless possible combinations of yarn, texture and structure. Learn how to set up a loom and weave a basic project, then further develop skills using table or floor looms. Suitable for all levels.

Oil Painting for Beginners (on Saturdays). In this absolute beginner class, discover the wonderful medium of oil paint with its rich colours and slow drying properties. Learn to paint thick or thin, create hard and soft edges and make changes with ease. Supply list available at the registration desk.

Literary Arts Lessons

For Kids

Creative Writing, 10 – 13 years (on Tuesdays). Through a combination of group and individual activities, explore a wide range of writing styles and techniques including narrative, poetry and creative non-fiction. You will read stories, poems and comics to learn how writers make use of different topics and techniques to tell stories and convey information.

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