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Throughout our nearly 50 years as a premiere arts organization, we have seen how our classes have impacted our students in so many positive ways.

By participating in the arts, you can develop many important skills and attributes that can benefit all aspects of your life, such as:

  • Creativity –the arts fuel our ability to imagine, devise original ideas and think outside the box.
  • Confidence – learning and mastering skills builds confidence.
  • Critical thinking – through the arts we can learn how to analyze a situation from different angles.
  • Perseverance – the arts can motivate us to work until we accomplish a task or achieve a goal.
  • Focus – investing attention to an artistic discipline builds our ability to concentrate on tasks.
  • Expression – the arts provide an outlet for self-expression and can help us to connect with our feelings, emotions or mood.
  • Adaptability – art gives you the opportunity to make errors (which is a great way to learn) and provides opportunities for you to find new ways to overcome challenges.
  • Collaboration – many art forms rely on people working together to create a final product or performance which builds our ability to cooperate and interact well with others.

The following images highlight many unique benefits that result from participating in different artistic disciplines:

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