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This month is Volunteer Appreciation Month and we wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do! At Place des Arts, we pride ourselves on being a home to our arts community, and without you, this would not be possible. Your dedication, positivity and passion are a wonderful reflection on our organization and helps inspire a love for the arts in others.

PdA couldn’t run without you.

To celebrate you, we would like to share the stories of two fantastic volunteers, Lois Icheln and Sarah Jassim.

Lois Icheln

Lois has been a volunteer with Place des Arts for over 25 years, starting with us when PdA was only Ryan House. After her daughter moved to England, she wanted to learn new skills and found Place des Arts! When she started volunteering with us she worked once a week as an office assistant for Place des Arts previous Executive Director, Gillian. Nowadays, she helps with all our Exhibitions by preparing the labels for the artwork. Lois continues to volunteer with us because she loves being able to socialize with members of the community, loves the people that work at Place des Arts and the atmosphere.

“Lois has been volunteering at Place des Arts well before I started working here, and I am grateful for her help with each exhibition changeover. Thank you, Lois, for your exceptional service and sharing your love of art with our community!” – Kim Correia, Fine and Performing Arts and Exhibitions Programmer


Sarah Jassim

Sarah started volunteering with us in November, during the pandemic, as a classroom assistant for visual arts classes. These assistants help our instructors and the students to have the best possible experience. Sarah has been very helpful and intuitive in her volunteering. According to Sarah, “I love volunteering at Place des Arts because it allows me to gain experience while doing something I love. I’ve also met some amazing artists that inspire me to explore more with my art.” She volunteers to give back to the community and to help local artists.

“Sarah was a pleasure to have as a volunteer at Spring Break Camp this year! She was reliable, attentive, and engaged all week and worked very well with both the students and teachers.” – Scott Jeffrey, Fine and Performing Arts Programmer

Take a look at our volunteers in action!

We’d also like to recognize all our volunteers who made a significant contribution to Place des Arts from April 2019 – April 2021.

100+ hours of service:

Caelan Thorne, Claire Go, Doyeon Kim, Jasmine Liu, Jordan Frew, Lauryn Yau

75+ hours of service:

Brianna Law, Challen Pride-Thorne, Justin Reuser, Maebel Sirimanotham, Nicole Opong-Agyare, Yunmin Lee

50+ hours of service between:

Abby Shi, Anella Schabler, Beatrix  Nakis, Cally Yeung, Diane Tucker, Edwin Wen, Elisa Lim, Galicia Gordon-Fernandez, Jackie Liu, Jacob Li, Joeun Kim, Kazune Fei, Lareina Sharma, Marissa Yu, Polina Manshina, Preston Salaj, Starla Lancia, Yiduo Li, Zahra Karimi

25+ hours of service between:

Alana Harbord, Antoinette Ferrer, Atrin Joulani, Ava Stanley, Barbara Hobson, Bella Han, Bonita Chan, Christina Urquhart, Corynne Taillefer, Danielle Coronado, Edwin Yeung, Ethan Meszaros, Faith Millard, Forugh Zarei, Georgia Winstanley, Grace Park, Indah Del Bianco, Jessica Ng, Kairo Robinson, Lea Tauriainen, Lois Icheln, Matthew Sebastiani, Natalie Quiring, Nghi Le, Rachel Mai, Ruby Taylor, Samantha Williamson, Sarah Jassim, Terence van der Woude, Trudy Wong, Vitaliy Vekslyer, Winnie Zhang, Yicheng Sun, Yilang Zhou, Yuchi Yang, Yufei Zhang


Also, special thanks to these 5+ years of service volunteers:

Alex Torres, Alexandra Youdell, Barbara Hobson, Challen Pride-Thorne, Diane Tucker, Jasmine Liu, Joanne Long, Lilian Yang, Lily Hamilton, Lois Icheln, Melanie Pereira, Nina Fesenko, Stephanie Mah, Subyn Cho, Terence van der Woude, Travis Kang, Valerie Simpson

Thank you for your help!

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