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Marcel Tremel is a choreographer, performer, adjudicator and dance educator based in the Vancouver area. He is a fully certified Dance Teacher with ADAPT Syllabus (Jazz, Tap), Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association (Jazz, Tap, Acro), Acrobatic Arts, Progressing Ballet Technique, Alixa Flexibility and is working towards completing his certification with the Acro Dance Teachers Association. Marcel is also a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA) where he completed the full three-year program, earning him a Diploma in Applied Performing Arts.

Aside from training, Marcel has had several exciting opportunities to perform and showcase his choreography over the years. The versatility in Marcel’s training has allowed him to push the boundaries of basic dance routines and create exciting new pieces to share with his community. His work has made him a standout amongst his peers, having been recognized with numerous awards and recognitions for his outstanding choreography.

We wanted to find out more about Marcel and asked him a few questions that reflect our year of Transformation!

Share a memory that has transformed you into the person you are today?

A memory that I would like to share is about a time I failed a dance exam. I was quite young then, and completely devastated at the time, but my passion for dance persevered.  I learned many things from this experience.

1) that failure is an opportunity to come back better and stronger than ever.

2) Hard work equals success.

3) you can let the experience define you- or you can rewrite the story.

Ultimately I ended up continuing my dance training and really excelled after the experience because I learned to have resilience and developed a work ethic that aligned with my goals.

What small or big transformation has been a milestone?

I remember the first professional performing job I ever got, and I was so nervous. Would I be as good as the other performers? Am I really good enough to be here? Ultimately I was good enough to be there, and I learned a huge lesson after that first rehearsal: trust in who you are.  You don’t have to be anything more than who you already are.  You can spend your whole life trying to impress other people, but learning to embrace yourself is what will make people notice you and feel drawn to you.

How have you changed over the past two years?

Teaching the past two years through the pandemic has really reshaped my approach to how I work with my students. Teaching dance is about so much more than the steps and the choreography, and having to really embrace that leadership/ mentor role has shown me the impact that I can truly have on my students. Finding the silver lining in seemingly endless unfortunate disappointments has prepared me to handle any situation, and helping students navigate through that tricky time helped me reconnect to my purpose. The why I teach? and the how I teach has been really impacted in a positive way through the pandemic, and I come out of it with gratitude and appreciation for dance and how it can transform lives.


Marcel is a passionate instructor and is motivated by watching his students become inspired by a shared love of dance. He looks forward to sharing his love of dance with you this upcoming year.

This season he is teaching: Boys can Dance! Jazz Edition, Jazz & Lyrical Dance Performance and Jazz & Lyrical Dance Technique with ADAPT Syllabus.

View his class offering here! 

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