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We are so excited to welcome our newest board member, Jessica Kang. It may be more accurate to say welcome back and she once worked at Place des Arts as a Registration Clerk 20 years ago. It is so wonderful to see Place des Arts’ playing a role in a person’s life in different ways.

Meet Jessica (she/her)

Jessica is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors, after being a student (1994- ) and a member of the registration team (2002-2004). Since then, her career has led her to live around the world for a number of multinational corporations. She now works in the public service as a policy director and runs her namesake art & design studio.

Jessica holds a B.Comm (Hons) from UBC Sauder School of Business and has completed MFA-level design studies at Parsons in New York. She credits Place des Arts for fostering rich, immersive art & music experiences for her growing up and is thrilled for the community to share in this passion.

Jessica also wanted to share “Place des Arts really is a special place. Most of my colleagues from 20 years ago are still there, and I believe this really speaks for itself – who would want to leave? And long before today’s recognition of diversity, inclusion and representation, I have personally experienced Place des Arts championing and modelling this – just to state an example, when I identified that the growing Korean community could benefit from translation support at our front desk, they gave me the opportunity to serve the community this way, becoming an agent in removing barriers.”

You can follow Jessica’s design studio on Instagram @jessicakangstudio.

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