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Anella Schabler has volunteered for the summer art camps, been a dance assistant in multiple dance classes, and has been a part of the Youth Arts council for three years. She’s attended classes at Place des Arts and has been a great supporter of our organization. We’re so grateful for volunteers like her.

Read more about her experiences, the challenges and the joys of volunteering with us.

What do you like about volunteering at Place des Arts?

I enjoy the close-knit community that I am surrounded by. Over the many years that I have attended Place des Arts, I have had many mentors aide me with my confidence, teamwork skills, leadership and compassion by guiding me as a volunteer. I have grown a vast web of teachers that I can call inspirations and other volunteers that I can call close friends.

Are there any challenges?

Occasionally, volunteer roles are viewed as less important and treated less seriously, which makes it difficult to have each volunteer at the same level of commitment and effort.

Why do you volunteer with Place des Arts?

Being part of the Place des Arts community for so long, I feel compelled to give back to this community and help others see the value and wonder of the arts as I did when I was little. Being able to make children smile and seeing teens enjoying themselves through art is so rewarding. Being able to share my passion of the arts with other people and hopefully inspire them is such an incredible feeling.

Why is Place des Arts significant to you?

Ever since I was a kid, I have been taking some form of class here at Place des Arts; whether it be dance, piano, or art classes. I’ve always grown up in a creative and comforting space, and I believe this is where my passion for the arts truly kindled. If it weren’t for the incredible staff and teachers that have guided me through all aspects of my creative process and development, I literally wouldn’t be who I am today. The arts have created a positive outlet for me; a space where I feel the happiest.

Is there any advice you have for someone volunteering with us?

Even if it is only a one-time event or a summer camp, really profit from the experience and give it your all. Volunteering just for the hours feels completely different from creating authentic connections with the kids, making friends, and even gaining knowledge from the teacher you’re assisting. Give 150% of your effort into it; you can create a once in a lifetime experience that wouldn’t happen in any other community space.

What can you learn from volunteering with Place des Arts?

Volunteering with people of all ages is an enriching experience that builds social skills and communication. Being able to work with others strengthens your teamwork skills and cooperation, and leadership. Most of all; being part of Place des Arts grows your understanding of a positive community.

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