Laura Clark is a Vancouver-based Canadian photographer whose current exhibition, Remnants is on display from January 22- March 18, 2021.

Clark combines her passion for photography with her graphic design background to create images that tell stories about how we relate to our world. Her work reflects her interest in how we as a society choose to physically and emotionally occupy environments through time.

Her current photography and sculpture exhibition consists of three bodies of work: Unobstructed ViewsA Memory and Collected Sentiments. These images explore the topic of mortality. The images are collected from cemeteries around the world, which pushes us to consider the emotional qualities of being human in life and death.

In Laura’s words, “with all that lives, things will come to an end in time, but perhaps not all is lost. It may be that the beauty, sentiment and purpose remain, and time is not forgotten.”

Hear Laura in her own words below and take a virtual walkthrough of the exhibition here! 

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