About Place des Arts’ Youth Arts Council 

Place des Arts’ Youth Arts Council was created to encourage local teens to engage with the arts community. The council organizes and hosts two youth-oriented events each year and advises Place des Arts on teen engagement. This dedicated group of teen volunteers is eager to provide new and exciting opportunities for their peers to participate in the arts.  

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If you have any questions or require more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@placedesarts.ca. 

Deadline Extended: Wednesday, August 14, 2019. 

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those individuals selected for an interview will be contacted

All Council members will have the following responsibilities 

  • Attend and participate in Youth Arts Council meetings and events 
  • Contribute to Council decision making and discussions 
  • Be a representative of Place des Arts at events and other initiatives 
  • Assist Place des Arts in reviewing and developing recommendations for youth programs and events  
  • Working with Council members, plan Teen Day @PdA, a youth event on Sunday, November 24, 2019  
  • Working with Council members, plan Art After Dark, a youth event on Saturday, May 23, 2020  

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required: 

  • Must be a grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 student in fall 2019 
  • Strong interest in the arts (i.e. visual arts, music, dance, theatre arts and/or literary arts) 
  • Interest in developing leadership skills  
  • Interest in developing skills related to event planning and/or marketing 
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills 
  • Ability to collaborate in a team environment, listen to others, share ideas and help to make decisions 
  • Positive, respectful attitude; willingness to learn; reliable and dedicated  
  • Asset: Resides in and/or attending school in the Tri-Cities. 

Time Commitment

  • Orientation Session (Date to be confirmed) 
  • 12 Council meetings from September 2019 to June 2020 (approx. 1 hour each, generally scheduled on Wednesdays at 6:30pm 
  • Event Production Meetings (approximately 8-12 hours total and based on event requirements) 
  • 2 Youth Oriented Events (Sunday, November 24, 2019 and Saturday, May 23, 2020) 


  • Receive mentorship from Place des Arts staff and local arts professionals 
  • Gain hands-on event planning experience 
  • Develop skills related to leadership, communication and teamwork 
  • Receive a reference letter from Place des Arts 

YOUTH ARTS COUNCILExecutive Position Descriptions 

Executive positions will be elected at a Youth Arts Council meeting in October 2019. 


  • Responsible for providing leadership to the Youth Arts Council 
  • Prepare Council meeting agendas and notify Council members of meetings 
  • Chair Council meetings and keep discussions on topic and on time 
  • Ensure the Council adheres to the Terms of Reference and Place des Arts’ mission, vision and core values and the Youth Arts Council Agreement 
  • Encourage Council members to participate in discussions and activities 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Council’s decision-making process 
  • Oversee the production of events with the assistance of the Director of Community Events 

Director of External Relations 

  • Responsible for liaising with external groups, (i.e. guest speakers, sponsors, performers, partners) 
  • Provide Place des Arts staff with timeline of events 
  • Provide orientation to new Council members 
  • Prepare thank you cards for guest speakers 
  • Work in partnership with Director of Marketing 

Director of Internal Relations 

  • Responsible for keeping records for the Youth Arts Council 
  • Keep copies of the Terms of Reference of the Council and maintain updated lists of Council members 
  • Ensure there is a quorum at Council meetings 
  • Record meeting minutes and all motions and decisions made during meetings 
  • Keep record of Council attendance 
  • Sign Council minutes to attest to their accuracy 
  • Work with the President to create the meeting agenda 
  • Send out a Notice for Meeting email with the meeting agenda before each meeting 

Director of Finance 

  • Responsible for all financial aspects of the council 
  • Prepare and maintain budget for each event 
  • Record and keep track of event expenses 

Director of Marketing 

  • Responsible for the marketing and promotion of the Council and Council events 
  • Develop a marketing plan for each Council event 
  • Write content for communications materials and, with the assistance of Place des Arts’ staff, design flyers, posters and other promotional materials 
  • Work in partnership with Director of External Relations 
  • Ensure all marketing materials (including social media posts) are vetted and approved by Place des Arts 

Director of Community Events 

  • Responsible for organizing all logistics of Council events 
  • Create a production schedule and floor plan for each event 
  • Create list of equipment and supplies needs for events 
  • Create list of volunteer needs for events 
  • Along with the president and his/her sub-committee, oversee the production of events 


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