Wing Yee Wong



Way back in the early 90s, I studied graphic design and pottery in the First Institute of Arts and Design in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

When my family immigrated to Canada, I had no choice but to give up my art program and seek new ways of enjoying life.

After University (BSc at SFU) and a twenty-five-year hiatus, I found my way back to art as an illustrator/painter and a potter.

My favourite subjects are cats eating or partying, with acrylic on canvas. My potteries are stoneware, glazed and fired to cone 10 functional wares, plus an extra leg or tail. I like my art simple and bright, and I really hope they make people smile.

Artist Statement

2020 was a very special year! People might think that artists must create a lot during lockdown. Unfortunately, not in my case; it took me months to adapt. Under the new normal, I had an urge to pursue a more traditional style of painting. Dropping the coffee mugs, kimbap and ramen, my feline subjects have stopped eating and partying, and have discovered a newfound sense of normalcy, to create a more subtle vibe. Here, I would like to present to you my “Stay-At-Home Meows” acrylic on canvas. Enjoy!



Instagram: @yeemeow


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