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Monthly Giving

We’re thrilled to introduce Place des Arts’ Monthly Giving program, and we invite you to join us. By becoming a monthly donor, you have the power to make a significant impact by providing individuals from all backgrounds, age and abilities, the opportunity to experience the joy of creative expression and greater access to the myriad benefits of arts participation.

Why Become a Monthly Donor?

Convenient: Set up automated monthly donations with your credit card for a seamless subscription to support Place des Arts. Not only is it convenient, but you might also earn cashback or points on your credit card as a benefit!

Affordable: By giving a small sum over several months, you can align your donations with your budget while providing reliable and consistent support for Place des Arts. A little goes a long way: $25 a month adds up to a significant $300 over the course of the year!

Longevity and Sustainability: Your monthly gift goes beyond just financial contribution; it is an investment in the long-term success of Place des Arts. It allows us to plan confidently for our future, and deliver quality, inclusive arts programs for our community.

Witness Long-Term Impact: Monthly giving enables you to be part of our journey, witnessing the lasting impact of your support. All monthly donors will receive regular updates about how your dollars are helping.

Flexible and Hassle-Free: It’s easy to view, edit or cancel your recurring donations at any time to match your preferences.

And there’s an added benefit! Your monthly donation is tax-deductible, making your support even more impactful.

Thank you, Place des Arts, for your mission to inspire the artist in everyone. The opportunities you provide to the members of the Maillardville community are very much needed. We all benefit from this inclusive society that values creativity. You provide a safe and welcoming social setting that enhances our lives. […]
Art is a part of being human. We are all connected through the sharing and interpretation of creations. With the right instructor, tools and techniques, people contribute their best artistic works to friends, family and themselves. These experiences are available in any PdA classroom at their well-maintained and welcoming centre. I am proud to be one of your supporters. I have learned and enjoyed because of the people who have chosen to share their talents with the world.
– Thomas Lamarre,
Place des Arts Monthly Donor

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