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Date: January 20 • 2023
End date: March 9 • 2023

Online: January 27 to March 9, 2023

Various Mediums in the Atrium

Art is about communication. Though making art is often a quiet and solitary process, it is ultimately intended to connect to and impact others. The student artists participating in Emerging Talent 25 have worked through the creative process to connect their inner worlds with the outer world, their feelings with their ideas, and themselves with their communities.

Art is for everyone. The process of working with colour, shape, form and texture when creating art enhances our experience of the world. Making art heightens our awareness of the natural world and human-made environments. While creating art, we are aware of our thoughts and feelings while being connected to the physicality of materials. This awareness and experience of making art equips these young artists to make sound, genuine, well-considered decisions in the future. Thank you for considering their messages – we sincerely hope you enjoy this exhibition!

Great thanks are due to the art teachers of SD43 who know that the development of creative thinking and processes are vital to students’ wellbeing. Working knowledge of art materials and processes translates into a student’s increased connection with themselves, their surroundings, and their community. Our teachers work tirelessly to support our student artists – thank you!

Charles Best Secondary School
Hilda Ng
Sarah Wang

Heritage Woods Secondary School
Bella Labbe

Port Moody Secondary School
Alexa Adams
Vivian Cao
Anna Sheng

Riverside Secondary School
Ola Gorczycka
Ellie Kwak
Serenity Pope
Dasha Ratkevich

Terry Fox Secondary School
Dana Kim
Paryss Laplante
Joyce Liu

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