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Date: January 22 • 2021
End date: March 18 • 2021

Rick Herdman

Into the Woods: BC Nature in Woodcut

Woodcut printmaking in the Mezzanine

Please note: We welcome individual and core bubble visits to our exhibition spaces by appointment. Please call 604-664-1636 ext. 0 to book.

Printmaking is the art of replication. A seed and a woodcut plate live in parallel; they are both the DNA for replication. From this DNA, variations occur: leaves on a tree vary depending upon their exposure to light, water, or other environmental effects; and the prints of a series are affected by the amount of ink, pressure and even the temperature of the day. I create my plates with a mind to encourage the chance of minor variations. For me, these variations make each print more alive and unique. This series of woodcuts is inspired by the acts and beauty of nature.

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Instagram: @rickherdman


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