Date: March 27 • 2020
End date: April 30 • 2020

Lyn Tretiak

Rural Ukraine Today

Paint and Pastels

These paintings come from the artist’s deep love for Ukraine, a country she frequently visits. The rural way of life will most likely disappear in the coming decades. Before Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union, people did not have the choice of living on a farm or in the city. With freedom comes choice; many young people today prefer opportunities to earn a living in urban areas. Tretiak celebrates a rural way of life in which children learn embroidery, folk dancing and song at school, and teachers go home after a day’s work to plow their fields behind a somewhat faithful horse.

Behind the Artwork
Lyn Tretiak took six photographs as she painted Women in Wagon #2. Can you figure out the order she painted them in? Answers are below.

Answers to Behind the Artwork:
1. B
2. E
3. A
4. C
5. F
6. D

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