As of October 21, 2021

As per the Provincial Health officer’s announcement on June 17, 2021, Place des Arts’ (PdA) is no longer required to maintain a COVID-19 Safety Plan but transition to a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. Communicable disease prevention mitigates the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases at our centre.

PdA’s Communicable Disease Prevention plan guidelines outlined in this document have been developed according to WorkSafeBC guidelines which outline a four-step process to reduce the risk of communicable disease transmission. Steps include understanding the level of risk, implementing appropriate measures, communicating policies and protocols, and updating measures and safeguards as required.

1. Understanding the Risk:

The level of risk of certain communicable diseases, including COVID-19, may increase from time to time or on a seasonal basis. PdA will monitor and review communicable disease-related information issued by our Fraser Health Officer or the Provincial Health Officer if it’s related to our industry, region or at our centre and will respond accordingly.

Additional measures could include:

  • Restrictions or bans on gatherings and events
  • Modifying classroom setups to maximize space between individuals
  • Limiting visitors
  • Increasing mask use

PdA will update its policies and protocols as needed and will communicate changes to the public.

PdA will ensure workers[1] are trained and kept up to date on changes to policies and procedures.

[1] Workers include PdA employees, self-employed contracted teachers and artists and volunteers


2. Safety measures, practices, and policies to reduce the risk

a) Proof of vaccination

By order of the Provincial Health Officer, proof of vaccination will be required for all registrants participating in an event with 50 or more people, or an adult          in-person dance and movement PdA program.

Adult Dance & Movement Participants:

Please report to the PdA Check-In Desk by the main entrance and present your proof of vaccination and valid government photo ID upon arrival before attending your in-person class or private lesson. Please review our Proof of Vaccination Frequently Asked Questions to confirm what documentation you need to bring.

Participants will not be permitted to participate in their dance and/or movement class or lesson if they are unable to present proof of vaccination.

PdA will not provide any refunds or make-ups for classes or lessons that are missed due to failure to provide proof of vaccination.

Event Participants

Participants attending a PdA event with more than 50 people will be required to report to the PdA Check-In Desk by the main entrance to present proof of vaccination and valid government photo ID upon arrival. Participants 12 years and up will not be permitted to participate in any event with more than 50 people they are unable to present proof of vaccination.

PdA will not provide any refunds for events that are missed due to failure to provide proof of vaccination.

For more information on how to receive your proof of vaccination, please visit the Province of British Columbia proof of vaccination.

b) Mask Policy

By verbal order of the Public Health Officer announced October 12, 2021, all students, visitors[1] and workers 5 years of age and up are required to wear a mask in our facilities at all times.

Exceptions to the mask policy include:

  • Children under the age of 5
  • A person who cannot tolerate wearing a mask for health or behavioural reasons
  • A person unable to put on or remove a mask without the assistance of another person
  • If the mask is removed temporarily to engage in an activity that cannot be performed while wearing a mask. For example:
    • playing a wind instrument
    • participating in a physical activity like dance and yoga
    • during a theatre or musical theatre dress rehearsal or performance
    • during a dance dress rehearsal or performance
  • If a person is eating or drinking
  • If a person is behind a barrier

A face shield is not a substitute for a mask as it has an opening below the mouth.

Note: If you are a visitor who is unable to wear a mask due to health or behavioural issues, please inform the staff person at the Check-In Desk if you are exempt. If you are a student, please email to notify us of your exemption and we will notify your teacher.

[1] Visitors to PdA include members of the public: parents/guardians of students, exhibiting artists, delivery personnel, PdA supporters, venue renters, etc.

c) Health check before entering PdA

All students, visitors and workers are asked to self-assess before entering the PdA building. No one should enter if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or any other communicable disease (e.g., fever, chills, coughing, loss of sense of smell or taste, difficulty breathing).

Students and visitors must enter through:

  • the Brunette Avenue main front entrance; OR
  • the underground parkade entrance.

Students attending classes at Evergreen Cultural Centre, or any other satellite site hosting PdA programs, will be provided with separate instructions[2] prior to the start of their class.

[2] See Appendix 1

d) Hygiene

Hand sanitation stations have been placed throughout the building.

Avoid touching your face.

Cough and/or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow crease.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer immediately after activities including, but not limited to:

  • before and after handling shared tools and equipment
  • handling food and drink
  • using the washroom
  • when your hands are visibly dirty

e) Ventilation

PdA’s HVAC system is inspected and tested regularly including filter changes in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and any regulatory codes and recommendations. All systems have been installed to code in place at the time of installation including ASHRAE standards. Further, PdA’s HVAC components are also replaced regularly according to the City of Coquitlam’s facility lifecycle upgrade/replacement program.  On top of these standard practices and programs, the City continues to track recommendations from BC Health, and this would include measures pertaining to how we operate and maintain the HVAC systems in all our facilities.

f) Keeping space between people

While strict physical distancing is no longer required, PdA is implementing the following measures to minimize crowding:

  • PdA will continue to provide a wide variety of arts education programs online and options to transition to online learning.
  • Lesson and class times have been staggered to avoid crowding and to allow for cleaning and sanitizing between classes.
  • Transparent barriers have been installed at the Check-In and Registration Desks.
  • Floor decals indicate appropriate spacing for patrons.
  • Limited public seating is available in the Atrium.
  • Students and visitors are not permitted in the kitchen and café areas.

Note: Food items are not available for sale at this time.

g) Safety measures in the classroom

Students will wear masks except for activities that cannot be performed while wearing a mask including:

  • playing a wind instrument
  • participating in a physical activity like dance and yoga
  • during a theatre or musical theatre dress rehearsal or performance
  • during a dance dress rehearsal or performance

Transparent barriers are installed in smaller music studios to separate teacher and student

Students will bring their own supplies and will be asked not to share

Shared equipment will be cleaned and disinfected after each use

h) Cleaning and disinfecting around the building and in classrooms

PdA cleaning staff follow BC Ministry of Health guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting our facility. This includes a two-step cleaning procedure for soiled areas: initially, a thorough cleaning using a neutral cleaner and then a secondary cleaning using an approved disinfectant[3].

Cleaning protocols specific to classroom activities and equipment have been established and will be followed.

High-touch surfaces in common areas will be cleaned at least once in every 24-hour period and when visibly dirty.

[3] Place des Arts uses Fantastik Disinfectant All-Purpose Cleaner and a liquid sanitizer.

i) Sickness Policy and Procedure

If a student, visitor or worker exhibits COVID-19 or communicable disease symptoms (e.g., fever, chills, coughing, loss of sense of smell or taste, difficulty breathing) while at PdA, PdA employees will take the following steps:

  • Separate the symptomatic individual to an isolated area or a room with good airflow (e.g., where windows can be opened). If not already wearing one, the ill individual will be asked to put on a mask.
  • Where possible, the PdA staff member will maintain a two-metre distance from the symptomatic individual and wear a mask.
  • The registration or assigned staff member will stay with the symptomatic individual and fill out the PdA Incident Report.
  • If applicable, the registration or assigned staff member will inform the individual’s emergency contact to pick them up as soon as possible.
  • Once the individual has left PdA, all those assisting the symptomatic individual will wash their hands, clean and disinfect the space where the individual was isolated and any areas and/or equipment used by the individual (e.g., classroom, bathroom, computer), wearing a mask and disposable gloves.
  • The employee will contact 811 or the local public health unit to seek further input.
  • The individual with symptoms associated with COVID-19 may only return to PdA:
    • After self-isolating for a period of a minimum of 10 days from the onset of symptoms and until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer; or
    • Once they receive medical authorization to leave their home.

Note: If the student or visitor’s symptoms are due to allergies or other pre-existing medical conditions, the student or visitor will be required to provide a doctor’s note before returning to PdA.

Appendix I: Health and Safety Information for PdA Students Taking Classes at Evergreen Cultural Centre
Arriving for Class
There is no waiting area at Evergreen this year. All students must line up outside the Stage Door entrance. Please dress for the weather. Your instructor will open the door 5 minutes prior to class start.
All students and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times (including during classes and lessons) within the Evergreen facility.
Adults aged 18 and up will be asked to show their proof of vaccination and valid photo ID at the door. Students will be required to sanitize their hands upon entry.
Please note the water fountain at Evergreen is no longer in use. Please bring a full water bottle to each class.
Leaving your Class
When class is over, students will exit through the Rehearsal Hall exterior doors. Parents of young children may wait for their child at these doors; please knock on those doors if you are late for pick up and the door is closed.

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