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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Yoshi took a watercolour class in elementary school for 6 years and an oil painting course in high school for 4 years. Yoshi restarted oil painting about 30 years ago. To become a more dedicated artist, Yoshi joined Suite E Life Drawing Group and Glen Pine Drawing Group. His paintings have been exhibited at Place des Arts, Glen Pine Pavilion, ACT Art Gallery and Port Moody Art Centre through these associations and groups, and individually participating in events at these facilities. Oil painting is his main medium and subjects are widespread, but figures are his favourite subjects.

Artist Statement

Recently, we have heard a lot about cultural diversity and multiculturalism which emphasizes understanding different cultures, but most people do not have the chance to have first-hand encounters with unfamiliar cultures. Using oil paint, I captured Japanese ladies in Kimonos (Japanese ethnic costumes) sitting in the traditional Japanese living space relaxing and pondering. My other painting depicts a lady enjoying Japanese Sake while holding a Japanese-style fan.

I hope my paintings give a peek into Japanese culture so people will become attracted to some interesting aspects of traditional Japanese culture. Maybe my paintings will trigger some people to visit Japan or explore more aspects of unique Japanese culture.

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