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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Wing Yee Wong is a British, Hong Kong-born, Coquitlam-based artist. She experiments with mediums including, but not exclusive to, watercolour, acrylic, yarn, wool and clay. Her favourite subjects are cats and mermaids.

Artist Statement

Trying to fit in is a life-long struggle. As a female, an immigrant, someone learning to speak English and an artist, I would like to take the opportunity to express my emotions toward the themes of multiculturalism, diversity and anti-racism: screaming in silence, suffocating in responsibilities and fighting for a piece of self-respect.

Me, Myself And I is a painting about women as objects in society. The set of cosmetic standards are rather tight, but me, myself and I are dodging the criticisms and pleading for diversity.

Naked Bride is a painting about a bride, on the biggest day of her young life so far, compromising her cultural traditions but still becoming a plate served by cold eyes.

Instagram: @yeemeow

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