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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Tarcila Neves is a Brazilian artist who was born in the Gueto district of Rio de Janeiro. At the age of eight, she began studying traditional art and has been honing her skills ever since. After graduating in Design, she completed a specialization in digital painting in Toronto and then went on to study Concept Art in Vancouver. Despite the challenges of navigating the immigration system, Tarcila has achieved success on social media, where her work combines elements of fantasy and surrealism. Her art style incorporates vibrant pastel colours, melting effects, feminine forms and nature into her artwork.

Her artwork themes and subject matter are focused on empowering women and highlighting the beauty of nature. Tarcila incorporates fantasy, surrealism and religious elements into her pieces, creating a unique and otherworldly atmosphere. Although she has experience with traditional mediums such as oil painting, Tarcila migrated to digital painting to explore different creative experiences. Her love for pastel colours and glitch effects can be seen in her work, where she blends lens flare and intricate details to create visually stunning pieces. Overall, Tarcila Neves is an exceptional artist whose work leaves a lasting impression on those who view it.

Artist Statement


This art delves profoundly into the multifaceted struggle against racial disparities. The majestic unicorn epitomizes the unyielding spirit of the non-binary and gay community, while the resolute presence of the warrior princess embodies the tenacity displayed by Indigenous women and the Asian community amidst the enduring shadows of the impact of colonialization.

The juxtaposition of gold and Swarovski crystals serves as a poignant commentary on the capitalistic inclination to commodify these communities for profit.

Within this captivating tapestry, feminism emerges as an unwavering bastion, advocating ardently for the celebration of differences and the relentless pursuit of true equality. Witness the seamless union of strength and solidarity as envisioned by Neves’ art, evoking profound emotions and a more equitable and just society.


Within the enigmatic realm of Cult of Sisters, a diverse array of women from various ethnicities, races and religious backgrounds converge to show the diversity of immigrants in our society.

At the core of the painting is as an evocative visual testament, accentuating the historical neglect and systematic erasure of women and minorities from the narrative of societal advancements. The woman holding a small piece of rainbow fabric represents the gay community joining together with women.

The weeping deer signifies victims of male violence, while the women’s attire bears the weight of the past oppression imposed by traditional religions on women and LGBTQ+ individuals. The use of triangles and misdirection artfully encapsulates the intricacies of the expedition toward gender parity and harmonious societal coalescence.

The ethereal bird symbolizes the lack of freedom for women, and small statues of pregnant women venerate motherhood’s sacred essence.


Instagram: @tarcilaneves

Facebook: @t.underworld

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