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Artist Statement

I am an acrylic painter living in Port Moody. I have always had a love for art; however, my professional life took me elsewhere over the years. Now, I have found more opportunities to reconnect with artistic endeavours. I am inspired by natural elements from my coastal and mountainous surroundings. My artwork ranges from abstract to semi-abstract acrylic paintings. This series of artwork was inspired by the landscape, sky and bodies of water from a recent road trip. This is my version of neurographic art. Using this meditative style, positive feelings and joyfulness are imbued into the work.


Tara Devine is an acrylic painter originally from West Vancouver, BC. Tara currently lives in Port Moody, BC with her husband and two children. Tara enjoys spending leisure time with her family outdoors and draws inspiration from the mountains, wooded areas and ocean shores of the West Coast. Tara is a diverse and eclectic artist whose work ranges from abstract and semi-abstract paintings to painting flora and fauna. Although a lot of her work is inspired by nature, she enjoys the creative freedom and spontaneity of experimenting with new materials, ideas and themes.


Instagram: @devinemst

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