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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Tara Devine is a visual artist based in Port Moody, British Columbia. Tara is primarily an acrylic painter, and she has been participating in group exhibitions with her paintings within the Lower Mainland since 2020. Tara’s artworks pull inspiration from her experiences, observations, her family and her coastal and mountainous surroundings. Her work incorporates bold colours and organic shapes. Tara has an eclectic style and enjoys working with diverse subject matter and exploring new themes, ideas and materials.

Artist Statement

I am an artist living in Port Moody, and I am primarily an acrylic painter, but I also enjoy learning and working with other mediums. I have an eclectic style with a diverse interest in subject matter. For this artwork, I created a graffiti-style painting that uses positive messaging to celebrate people’s diversity so everyone can “shine” in their uniqueness.


Instagram: @devinemst

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