In-Person Summer Fun! Camp Safety Plan

By taking the following actions, you can protect yourself and your loved ones, neighbours and colleagues and help keep the curve flat:

  • Stay informed, be prepared, and follow public health advice.
  • Practice good hygiene (i.e. frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching face, cough and/or sneeze into your elbow crease, disinfect frequently touched surfaces).
  • Stay at home and away from others if you are feeling ill (i.e. do not attend the camp).
  • Maintain physical distancing outside your household (i.e. no handshaking or hugging, small number of contacts, keep a safe distance).
  • Clean and disinfect your home and workspace frequently.
  • Consider using non-medical masks when physical distancing is not possible (e.g. on transit, shopping).

Place des Arts’ COVID-19 safety plan for our in-person Summer Fun! at PdA camp is in keeping with BC’s Restart Plan: Next Steps to Move BC Through the Pandemic and the BC COVID-19 Go-Forward Management Strategy. We have used the following additional resources to create our plan:

  • BC Ministry of Health COVID-19 Go-Forward Management Checklist
  • WorkSafe BC’s COVID-19 Information and Resources
  • BC Recreation and Parks Sector Guidelines.

Place des Arts has developed a series of policies and protocols for our modified in-person Summer Fun! at PdA Camp to reduce the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Overview of Modifications and Safety Measures:

  • Place des Arts Summer Fun! at PdA Camp will have a maximum of 10 children per week.
  • Place des Arts will not be providing before- or after-camp care.
  • New drop-off and pick-up protocols have been adopted (see below)
  • Children should not bring any unnecessary belongings to camp (e.g., toys, games). Belongings should fit in 1 small bag or backpack.
  • The camp activities will take place in the Leonore Peyton Salon, outdoors on the Place des Arts grounds and/or at Mackin Park.
  • Children will be assigned a marked area or “pod” for visual arts activities that ensures at least a 1-metre radius per child.
  • We will ensure a 2-metre radius per child during dance and/or theatre arts activities.
  • Children will be reminded to create a personal space “bubble” and stay within it at all times.
  • Children will receive tools, materials and equipment that they will use for the week. They will not be sharing any tools, materials or equipment with other children. Tools and equipment will be stored in personalized containers for the week. They will be disinfected and cleaned at the end of the week before being reused.
  • Children will be taught by our professional art teachers and supervised by up to 3 staff, including an Education Assistant.
  • Place des Arts will not be screening staff, teachers or children for symptoms or checking temperatures. The Executive Director will ensure staff and teachers are self-assessed daily for symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other infectious respiratory diseases before entering the facility each day.
  • Parents/guardians will be required to review and confirm the Summer Fun! Happy Camper Checklist with a Place des Arts staff member each morning at drop off.
  • Handwashing facilities and hand sanitizer will be provided. Hand-sanitizing and proper handwashing will be taught to children and practiced regularly throughout the day.
  • The HAPPY hygiene policy will be reviewed with the campers every day.
  • Lunch and snacks brought from home will be eaten outside, weather permitting, or indoors inside their “pod.”
  • Cleaning staff will follow cleaning protocols as outlined by the BC Ministry of Health.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Campers are not required to wear a mask. Wearing one is a personal choice.
  • Staff will wear a mask and/or gloves during drop-off and pick-up, and when in close contact with children (e.g., administering first aid).
  • Teachers will wear a face shield when in close contact with children.
  1. Drop-off/Pick-up Procedure:

Drop-off (between 8:40-9:00 am)

Place des Arts will use a “curbside” drop-off to reduce exposure risks with multiple families arriving around the same time. Detailed instructions will be emailed to parents/guardians prior to the beginning of the camp.

Before your child(ren) enter the Place des Arts facility, parents/guardians will be required to:

  • Review and confirm the Summer Fun! Happy Camper Checklist with a Place des Arts staff member. Children should not exit the car until everything on the checklist has been confirmed between Place des Arts staff and the parent/guardian.
  • Once the staff member has confirmed everything on the checklist, your child(ren) will be escorted into the classroom.
  • Children will sanitize their hands upon arrival.

Pick-up (between 3:45-4:00 pm)

Pick-up will take place in person at the front entrance of Place des Arts off Brunette Avenue (near the Spirit Bear). Detailed instructions will be emailed to parents/guardians prior to the beginning of the camp.

  1. Handwashing and Hygiene:

Children will regularly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, according to health regulations. Handwashing will occur and be facilitated by staff:

  • Upon arrival and before departure.
  • Before and after any transitions within the camp setting.
  • Before and after eating and drinking.
  • After using the washroom.
  • After playing outside.
  • After sneezing or coughing.
  • Whenever their hands are visibly dirty.
  • Staff will teach, practice and model good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette (such as coughing or sneezing into the crease of your elbow and throwing tissues out immediately after use).
  • Hand sanitizer will be visible and available at locations throughout the facility.

HAPPY Hygiene Policy

Staff will review this policy daily.

H = Hands to yourself and away from your face.

A = Avoid trouble, stay in your bubble.

P = Proper handwashing is important.

P = Please use your elbow when you have to sneeze or cough.

Y = You can do it!

  1. Lunch and Snacks:

  • Place des Arts will not be selling snacks.
  • Place des Arts kitchen will be closed, so there will be no access to the microwave, sink or utensils.
  • Place des Arts is a nut-free zone, please ensure all food and drinks are nut-free.
  • Children will take home all food packaging, food scraps, utensils, etc. in the same container.
  • Children will not share food or drinks.
  • Send food in containers that your child(ren) can open by themselves. If your child(ren) cannot open the container, please use an alternative.
  1. Cleaning Protocol:

  • Place des Arts cleaning staff will use BC Ministry of Health guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting our facility. This includes a two-step cleaning procedure for soiled areas: initially, a thorough cleaning using a neutral cleaner and then a secondary cleaning using an approved disinfectant.
  • High touch surfaces and areas will be cleaned after use.
  1. Sickness Policy and Procedure:

If A Camper Develops Symptoms at Home:

  • Parents/guardians must keep their child(ren) at home and not return to camp. As per provincial health guidelines, the child must self-isolate for a minimum of 10 days from the onset of symptoms AND until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.
  • Contact 811 or the local public health unit to notify them of a potential case and seek further input. Please review our Withdrawal/Cancellation policy.

If A Camper Develops Symptoms at Summer Fun! Camp:

Parents/guardians must pick-up their child(ren) as soon as possible if they are notified their child is ill. Place des Arts has the right to determine if the child needs such pickup.

In such circumstances, staff will take the following steps: 

  • Immediately separate the symptomatic camper from others in an isolated but supervised area.
  • Contact the camper’s parent/guardian to pick them up as soon as possible.
  • Where possible, maintain a 2-metre distance from the ill camper. If not possible, staff will wear a mask.
  • Once the camper is picked up, staff will practice diligent hand hygiene.
  • Clean and disinfect the space where the camper was separated and any areas used by them (e.g., classroom, washroom, common areas).
  • Contact 811 or the local public health unit to notify them of a potential case and seek further input.
  1. Behavioural Policy:

It is our goal for your child and other children attending Place des Arts’ programs to have the best experience possible in a warm and welcoming environment. This year, our FISH policy (Follow instruction, Include everyone, Show respect, Help each other) will be adapted to Doctor Bonnie Henry’s call to everyone in BC during the pandemic. Our 2020 in-person Summer Fun! at PdA camp behaviour policy is

The 3 B’s:

  • Be Kind
  • Be Calm
  • Be Safe

If any child has difficulty meeting our behaviour expectations, we will execute the following four-step plan:

  • Verbal warning: Our first response will be a verbal intervention to help the child understand the impact their behaviour is having on others.
  • Time out: If the behaviour continues, the child will be removed from the program for a supervised time out. The child’s parent/guardian will be notified of the incident and will be asked to review the behaviour guidelines with their child.
  • Parent pick-up: If the behaviour continues, the parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to pick-up their child immediately with the child missing the rest of the day.
  • Student dismissal: A student may be dismissed if their behaviour precludes safe and effective participation in our programs. Dismissal will take effect only after consultation between the parent/guardian, child, program staff and Place des Arts’ Executive Director. No refunds will be granted.

Note: Place des Arts has the discretion to dismiss a student immediately upon appropriate circumstances.

  1. Special Needs/Health Concerns:

  • Prior to the start of your child(ren)’s camp, please advise Place des Arts staff of any health concerns, including food allergies or special needs, that your child may have. This helps to ensure a successful experience. Please update the Medical Alert section on your child(ren)’s account with any relevant information or email us
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for administering any medications required by the student. Although our staff members have First Aid training, they cannot administer medication, except for an EpiPen, in the case of an emergency. Please email us at if your child has an EpiPen.
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