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Artist Category: Age 13 to 18


Sarah Hightower is 15 years old and currently attending high school. Sarah has an affinity for 3D mediums and has been studying and creating pottery for four years. The added dimension in pottery allows her to engage with the medium at a more personal and deeper level in her creative art. More recently, Sarah has shifted her focus to painting, allowing herself to refine her painting skills and artistic expression in 2D space. Her work incorporates contrasting themes between nature and the artificial, with a motif of human body parts, particularly the hands.

Artist Statement

In Arbutus, the arms are meant to show the humanity at the root of all cultures and how it is simply people who have woven society to create a world in which they can prosper. The tree represents the ever-growing nature of cultures, connecting and changing with time. As a whole, this piece shows how cultures connect, intertwine, split and grow and how only with the help of our communities, can we reach new heights.

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