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Artist Category: Age 13 to 18


I am a passionate student artist at Centennial Secondary and have been creating art since the age of 4. As a child, I drew inspiration from the natural world and that has carried into my works created today. I enjoy working with acrylic paint and pencil crayon, but also love to explore and experiment with other mediums. When creating pieces, I tend to focus on themes of cultural expression, self-discovery and mental health. Lotus Reborn is my first Lino print.

Artist Statement

My piece Lotus Reborn exhibits the themes of multiculturalism and diversity. I have chosen to showcase my culture through the lotus flower depicted in the print. In Indian culture, the lotus flower symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, purity and wisdom. In Sikhism, which is the religion that I follow, the lotus is used in religious texts to be symbolic of the soul. The lotus is a symbol widely used in Asian culture, but few people are aware that it has different meanings and significance depending on the cultural group. The background colour chosen for my piece is navy blue which has religious significance in Sikhism, as it is a traditional colour of the Khalsa and represents protection.

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