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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Narges Aghahosseini, an artist from Tehran, Iran, holds a Master of Arts in painting from Tehran University. She has showcased her artwork in prestigious exhibitions worldwide, including Art Dubai, the Qatar International Art Festival, the London Group Painting Exhibition, the Digital Art Exhibition and the International Painting Symposium in Prague. Her talent and creativity have also been recognized through personal art galleries in Tehran and group exhibitions in Istanbul, Florence, Tbilisi and Vancouver. Narges’ diverse range of exhibitions reflects her dedication to exploring various artistic expressions and themes, including social issues, women’s experiences and cultural identity.

Artist Statement

In her captivating paintings, Narges expertly captures the interplay of textures and highlights, creating visually stunning artworks. With meticulous attention to detail, she portrays the intricate textures found in various subjects, from landscapes to still-life objects. Through her skilled use of light and shadow, Narges brings depth and dimension to her paintings, accentuating the luminosity and brilliance of her subjects.  Her artistic approach not only showcases her technical prowess but also invites viewers to explore the nuances of texture and the mesmerizing interplay of light and shadows. Drawing inspiration from her cultural heritage, Narges infuses her artworks with a sense of beauty and cultural richness. Each brushstroke reveals her deep connection to her roots and her commitment to capturing the essence of beauty in her creations.  Narges’ paintings are a testament to her skillful craftsmanship and her ability to evoke emotions and transport viewers into a world of aesthetic wonder. Her artwork stands as a celebration of the diverse textures, the play of light and the inherent beauty that surrounds us, inviting us to appreciate and embrace the richness of our cultural tapestry.


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