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This innovative program is a fun way for children aged three and a half to eight to learn music. Through singing songs, chanting rhymes, playing music games, using xylophones, recorders and other instruments, children learn the principles of music. The program is based on the Kodaly philosophy of using songs and rhymes from children’s folk culture to teach music. The MUSICAL RAINBOW has six levels. Each level is a colour. At the end of each level the student receives a certificate for the level they have completed. Note reading and writing, xylophone and recorder playing, composition, improvisation, part-singing and music history are all part of the program.
Parents may participate if they wish, or sit and watch if the child prefers to take part on their own. Children are introduced to all instrument families; actual instruments are brought to the classroom and played. Your child will be inspired to take private instrument studies as he or she gets older.  Musical Rainbow students put on several recitals throughout the year. The concert songs teach the children about the world we live in.

Entering the program

Children may join at any level. Joining at the SPARKLES, RED, YELLOW or GREEN level is best. Joining at one of the upper levels is more of a challenge and may require initial help from parents at home. Students are given handouts each week. Short homework assignments are given in the GREEN, BLUE and PURPLE levels. Maximum ten children allowed per class.

$11.00 per 45-min class
$12.00 per 60-min class


16-36 months • 45-minute class
Enjoy learning songs, rhymes and games together to assist with your toddler’s language, musical, physical and social development. We will use props, musical instruments and movement to make simple songs and rhymes exciting. This class will playfully introduce early musical concepts such as beat, melody and dynamics. Parent/caregiver participation required.

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3½ – 4½ years • 45-minute class
Children begin by building a repertoire of musical experiences. The songs and rhymes learned at this level will be used to discover musical concepts in later years. The goal is to have a fun, positive experience in a group setting. Musical concepts such as fast/slow, loud/soft and higher/lower pitches are taught and children are made aware of beat in music. Get ready for singing, musical games and fun! Parent/caregiver participation is required.

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4½ – 5½ years • 45-minute class
More singing, more games, more FUN! Students begin their first music reading and writing booklets. Hand signs are used to denote awareness of pitch differences. Rhythm names are spoken and written in stick notation. Pitch matching and melody charts are used to facilitate in-tune singing.

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5½ – 6½ years • 60-minute class
The music staff is introduced. Children learn to read and write notes upon the staff using both absolute pitch names and hand sign names. The students create three booklets using three different keys for reading and writing music. Students begin the recorder at this level.

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6½ – 7½ years • 60-minute class
Students play a lot of the recorder. Learning this instrument will give a wonderful head start on learning other instruments when the child is older. The sharp and the flat are introduced. Students learn to read and write music using three full major and minor scales.

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7½ – 8½ years • 60-minute class
At this level the students become quite dexterous on the recorder, learning several classical pieces and longer folk and popular pieces by the end of the year. Singing is improved through vocal exercises and solo work. Music theory is expanded on and students compose their own music. There is a lot of part-work, music terms and signs, and still tons of fun at this final level of the MUSICAL RAINBOW!

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New this year we are offering a Musical Rainbow Babies class!

6 months – 1 ½ years
Parents/caregivers sit with their babies and follow guided activities. The goal of the class is to gain a sense of beat and rhythm, and to experience the joy that music can bring. Social skills, language development, self-confidence and creativity will be strengthened through play, improvisation, multi-sensory materials and the opportunity to practice music together.

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Registration for all September – June Musical Rainbow classes must be done over the phone or in person at the Place des Arts registration desk. Registration for fall, winter or spring session classes, may be done online, by phone at 604.664.1636 or in person at our registration desk.

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