Melissa Peacock



Melissa Peacock paints flora and fauna in an illustrative style, using watercolour and other media. She briefly studied fine arts at Kwantlen University, focusing on studio arts and colour theory, but left the school in 2010 to play with cakes at Vancouver Community College. Melissa’s artwork occasionally shows in local juried exhibitions within Surrey, BC. These days, however, she spends most of her art time sharing her painting process on her YouTube channel and website.

Artist Statement

This series of tiny watercolour paintings on paper is stretched over 4″ canvases and encased in shiny resin. They tell a story of how even our best intentions come with an underlying discomfort. Paper still needs trees, art resin is just another plastic, and even a peaceful landscape can be easily disrupted with sneaky thoughts about its opposite.



Twitter: @yellowmelle

Instagram: @yellowmelle


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