Marcia Pitch



Spanning four decades, Marcia Pitch’s artistic practice includes installation, assemblage and collage.  Graduating with a BFA from the University of Manitoba, she pursued graduate work at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. Pitch has long been concerned with social issues, and while parenting, she began her engagement with recycling the materials around her, specifically toys and household objects. Continuing to draw on everyday materials, Pitch’s more recent work in collage evokes body politics, emotional instability and imagines a drastically accelerated pace of evolution shaped by climate change and political upheaval.

Artist Statement

More Than You Know has evolved from my growing fascination with paper-based collage. Through deconstruction and reconstruction of imagery into reconfigured representations of disturbing and bizarre figures, I explore personal and public aspects of identity. These works are both a visual representation of the selves we hide from the world and a critique of societal conceptions of the norm.

I have long been influenced by the early (1920s and 1930s) photomontages of the German Dada and Surrealist artist Hannah Hoch. The social commentary, feminist perspective and satirical mocking tone of her work have always struck a personal chord. Surrealism is an integral part of my practice as I work instinctively, tapping into the unconscious.



Instagram: @marciapitch


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