Harmonie Garry



Raised in the North of France, I was born into a life which took me from the east of Canada to the west, where I became a mother.

In all my projects, I have an obstinate idea: to create “des images Trotte-Tête”. This phrase roughly translates to “images running through your head”, images that nourish the mind and create poetry.

The world is a theatre and we are surrounded by her scenography. Let’s play!

Artist Statement

My drawing is naive. My hands are probably naive too.

The project of Poetic Horizon’s Boxes originated from an activity that I proposed during theatre classes I was teaching: “Invent a job that doesn’t exist and present it to the world.”  I decided to play the game too in 3D, paper cut and watercolour, my favourite mediums.

One by one, the little boxes came to life and I realized an infinite source of inspiration that delivered a message of hope at a time that loving our environment is necessary.


Website: www.harmoniegarry.com

Instagram: @talking_with_zajh


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