Christi York



Christi York uses traditional weaving methods combined with a mixed media approach. She harvests and processes all of her natural materials in and around her home on Vancouver Island.

Inspired by the overwhelming complexity of botanical life on earth, she invites people to pause and re-consider the seemingly humble nature of plant material. It was not so long ago that we relied completely on flora and fauna for our food, clothing and shelter.

“Foraging for materials within the seasons, my work is quite literally tied to the cycle of the natural world. By combing the landscape and learning to identify both native and non-native plants – I am attempting to learn more about my home and weave the spirit of this wild island into my work.”

Artist Statement

Basketmaking has a communal history in nearly every culture on the planet. When I weave, I feel linked to a time when we had respect and deep, generational knowledge about the self-sustaining systems of the earth.

Historically, metal gilding has been used to highlight and bring illumination to topics deemed to be important; traditionally in books on religious themes.

But what do we hold to be precious and important today? What do we honour? Why could it not be the perfect beauty of a shell?

“I believe in God, only I spell it Nature”
— Frank Lloyd Wright



Instagram: @york_christi


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