Challen Pride-Thorne



Challen Pride-Thorne was born in Memphis, Tennessee and spent her formative years in a small Ohio town. She moved to Alberta in her late teens; there she studied printmaking and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Calgary. Her professional career began as a layout artist for a print shop. She then joined a major software and services company where she was a creative and client-focused graphic designer for over 20 years. Now residing in Coquitlam, she is a multi-media artisan and an active member of the Place des Arts ceramic and volunteer community.

Artist Statement

Challen creates multi-media images and ceramics which are inspired by nature. These Positively Petite pieces are a combination of acrylic, chalk pastels and dried botanicals. Ferns, flowers and other plants are collaged to become part of an often fanciful, vibrantly-coloured landscape. Challen’s images showcase her attraction to the small world of a perennial garden and the large vistas found hiking the local Pacific Northwest trails.


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