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Artist Statement

I am interested in recreating mundane parts of life. I paint fruit and food and sculpt pieces of our lives that would ordinarily go unnoticed. I am interested in focusing on these parts of the world because there is incredible visual detail in all that we do, everywhere we go and everything we eat, and yet so many people are bored with life as it is. I find it fascinating to look into the details of a little world or some fruit up close and pay attention to the small lines, colours and the story behind it. To me, it is those details and the stories behind them that keep life interesting.


Julie Epp is a contemporary oil painter and sculptor living and working in Surrey, BC. Her work examines common and mundane objects by presenting and spotlighting them. Julie is an award-winning artist and holds a BFA from the University of the Fraser Valley and currently works as an artist and arts educator throughout the Lower Mainland. Julie specializes in teaching art to children and adults, emphasizing the importance of exploration, experimentation and passion for creating in her lessons.


Facebook: JulilyArt

Instagram: @julilyart

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