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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Jasmine Pearl Schut is a Vancouver-based artist, who draws inspiration from the intricate beauty of the natural world. Through her paintings, she explores the dreamlike quality of our relationship with nature, with a particular focus on the enigmatic forms of sea creatures, tree roots and human figures. Using thin layers of acrylic or oil paint, she aims to capture the feeling of transformation and reconnection to ourselves through the cycle of life.

Artist Statement

I use water in many ways through my works and I used water in this piece with specific placement; the water line just above the nose, to submerge the mouth and nostrils of the woman, which symbolizes those whose voices are not heard. However, her eyes and mind are above the waterline, so she can clearly see and her mind has no limitations.

The narrative of this woman pictured represents those whose brilliance and energy are being submerged, unseen and unheard. Those living with systemic racism, those who have been trapped in toxic relationships and  who wish to push against patriarchy within their country or community. This painting is in recognition of those whose voices are silenced and whose freedoms are suppressed.

The overarching theme of the painting is brilliance flourishing within her. She is a wonder, full of wisdom, intelligence and passion. Her mind is above the water, her hair transforming into the cosmos. She is so much more than what others may perceive her to be or how she is treated. She is resilient and full of life.


Instagram: @jasminepearlart

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