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Artist Statement

I’m continually inspired by nature and strive to capture its magic through the flow of watercolour, an amazingly versatile medium. I believe painting is meditative for both the painter and the viewer, and I hope this series conveys optimism and tranquillity. Inspired by dreamy landscape photographs, I used a limited colour palette and a variety of techniques to paint skies and bodies of water.


Homa immigrated to Canada seventeen years ago and has lived in the Tri-Cities ever since. Five years ago with the help of books, she started practicing drawing. She then moved on to using coloured pencils followed by watercolour pencils and watercolours. Homa is self-taught and has been painting with watercolours for four years. Her paintings often include some detail work with the occasional use of granulation, iridescent and gold effects.

Instagram: @watercolour.craft

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