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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Hazel Yuhang Zhang is an interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, whose research focuses on the intersection between the environment, community and the formation of personal identity. She is deeply fascinated by how architectural structures shape our experiences and perceptions of the world and how landscapes can reflect and mould our identities.

Zhang is currently a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate in the visual arts program at the University of British Columbia. Her work has been exhibited in venues like the Hatch Art Gallery and Gallery Gachet in Vancouver, BC.

Artist Statement

My work as an artist reflects my appreciation for multiculturalism. My experiences of moving from place to place have influenced my artistic expression. In my latest project, I have utilized architectural representation to express cultural diversity by collaging my old architectural sketches from different cities I have lived in. This piece showcases my interest in how architecture is a reflection of our own identity and worldview.

As an artist, I aim to capture not only the physical environment but also the cultural context in which buildings and landscapes exist. Using actuarial space architecture, I have created a timeline of my travels to represent the interconnectedness of the world despite our cultural differences. By displaying the architectural drawings from different cities on one piece of paper, I aim to represent the continuous journey of my life, where each stage may be independent, but also connected. Through this project, I hope to express the importance of multiculturalism and highlight the beauty that can be found in the diverse environments we inhabit. As an artist, I value the impact of cultural experiences and diversity in shaping our understanding of the world, and I aim to convey this through my art.


Instagram: @hazelzhangyh

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