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With Place des Arts offering more and more online classes and lessons, we wanted to help you by providing some tips for success in this new formatThese suggestions will set you up to have the best experience.  

Please note: All classes will be held through ZoomBefore signing up for the class please make sure Zoom works on your device.*   


  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Your computer, computer, tablet or smartphone has a microphone and camera (students are encouraged to turn their video on to participate in the class, but it is not required)

Please note: These classes will be delivered via the video-conferencing application Zoom. You do not need a Zoom account to participate. Please ensure your phone, tablet or computer is compatible with Zoom and you have Zoom downloaded prior to the first class. The link to access the class will be sent to you in advance of the class start date.


Test out Zoom! Call a family member or a friend to see how it works and to try out its features. This way you can test out your video and audio and make sure they work.
If your child is attending a class without you, make sure you go over the basics with them:

  • How to mute and unmute your mic (please don’t interrupt the teacher when they are talking! They will go over how to ask questions on the day)
  • How to turn your video on and off (in case your video connection is not working well)
  • How to exit the “meeting”


Consider the following:
Lighting: Sit in an area with a lot of light, facing the light source so you are not in shadow.
Location: Find a spot with a good internet connection where you are unlikely to be interrupted. Ask your family members to avoid streaming during the class as it can slow your internet down.
Plant your laptop in a spot where it’s easy to see you and as much of you as the teacher needs to see! (If you are in a dance, movement or theatre class, the teacher will need to see your actions). Your device should be set up stationary and not be handheld during the classes.
Dress appropriately: If you are in a dance, movement or theatre class, dress in comfortable clothing you can move in.
Sign-in: Be sure to click on the link you have been emailed at least 5 minutes early in case there are issues connecting to the class.


If you need help with Zoom, we also have created this Zoom Guide to help you learn the basics of the program. 

If you have any complaints or issues, please send an email to 

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