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Artist Category: Adult 19+


I studied Visual Arts at Emily Carr University and I received my Teacher Education at the University of British Columbia. I have been teaching Visual Arts for over 15 years and I strive to challenge my students to be creative and think outside the box. I feel privileged with my vocation where I get to inspire students, and in turn, be influenced and even challenged by them.

Artist Statement

When I immigrated to Canada during my high school years, I experienced instances of racism. While they were unpleasant experiences, they taught me to treat others with more respect, regardless of their race or status, as all people are created beautifully and equally. Through this painting, I wanted to put existing negative connotations on one’s background in the dark. The hand, representing all races, is tearing away the words and heavy feelings associated with discrimination to reveal a maple leaf. In this maple leaf, I have written the word “diversity” in multiple languages using various type fonts to emphasize the importance of the uniqueness we each bring and the multiculturalism that defines Canada as a nation.


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