Date: March 14 • 2020

Vin Arora



This exhibition will be on view in the Link Gallery at Place des Arts when the building re-opens to the public.

Vin Arora is interested in the art that emerges from perceived failures. This body of work celebrates what can be cultivated, learned and harvested from these fertile soils. Beyond the reference to technique and formal aspects of the artwork, Meltdown investigates issues of mental health, societal value of productivity, sleep deprivation and “busyness”.  The work also reflects and reframes behaviours and conditions such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, hoarding and ADHD.

Where and how comfortably does a person with no diagnosis sit in relation to a blurry and translucent boundary? Where does spirituality enter the equation? How do we contain our thoughts? What is the shape of that container?

Instagram: @techtonic_plates

10% of artwork sales will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association by the artist.

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