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Date: November 3 • 2023
End date: December 21 • 2023

Online: November 10 to December 21, 2023

Charcoal, Pen and Watercolours in the Mezzanine

As I move through this busy, loud, ever-distracting and often heavy feeling world, I notice how my body and spirit feel as I stop and pay attention to nature and birds around me. There is an instant lightening, a levity of spirit and a smile moves across my heart. In this collection of works, I am attempting to recreate some of this lightness of spirit.

The past few years have felt especially heavy with COVID, periods of social isolation, environmental disasters, social demonstrations and war. During this time, art has been where I go to find peace, calm and happiness. I have also felt myself increasingly drawn to learn more about birds, trees, florals and nature.

My work is generally realistic in style, as I very much enjoy studying and find much beauty in the minute details of the world around me. Within the realism of my work, I also enjoy the cognitive process of incorporating various design elements not immediately seen in the natural landscape; adding patterns and shapes, using symbolism and various mediums.

Throughout this exhibition, you will find completed works, as well as sketches drawn during the same time. Most of these works were created with a mix of media: graphite, charcoal, pen and ink as well as watercolour on paper. I find the juxtaposition of colour with grayscale and control with fluidity has an interesting balancing effect.

I hope these works bring some lightness to the heart <3


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Opening Reception

November 17 • 7 pm to 9 pm • 1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam

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