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Date: January 19 • 2024
End date: March 14 • 2024

Online: January 26 to March 14, 2024

Ceramics in the Link

Born and raised in a loving family who appreciated Persian art and culture, I have always been fascinated by the detailed works of art that I was exposed to while growing up. After moving to Canada and entering the art world, I became familiar with the dynamics of contemporary art.

Reflecting Persian artistic values through the lens of contemporary art allows me to stay connected to my cultural identity within my practice. With reference to the geometry present in Persian design, my work explores symmetry, balance and traditional ideas of sculptural forms within a contemporary framework.

Diaspora explores this juxtaposition of Persian art and architecture with contemporary style through a collection of ceramic vessels and a set of 80 arranged tiles. Inspired by the shape of a pomegranate (which symbolizes fertility, rebirth and life and has cultural significance in Persian culture) the vessels are made by putting together small geometric slabs of clay. The arrangement of the tiles is inspired by the mosaics on an interior dome in Central Iran. The shape of the slabs that make up the vessels are also inspired by this dome shape.

Instagram: @azadeh.mehryar

Opening Reception

January 19 • 7 pm to 9 pm • 1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam

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