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Artist Category: Adult 19+


I am a Vancouver-based artist. I was born in South Korea but spent my childhood and teens in the Netherlands and China. Therefore, I like to create art based on integrating diverse cultures. My main medium is digital art, but I like to use traditional materials as well. I enjoy making illustrations and designing character sheets through daily inspiration.

Artist Statement

This artwork reflects diversity and anti-racism. On the first page, the people are arguing or being aggressive with each other. From the first panel, two people emerge from the right and left side of the panel and encounter in the fourth panel. On the second page, two people say hello to each other and exchange their ideas. I depicted this concept by giving out a heart from the chest. On the final page, two people spent time understanding other’s ideas and become friends by shaking hands. The two people are different; one has straight hair while another wears a perm, and one wears a monotonous frilled shirt while another wears a funky hoodie. To add to that, the colours of their hearts differ. Although their appearance and preferences are different, they communicated and understood each other and became friends. With this illustrated storyboard, I want to encourage people to be open and understanding toward others.

Instagram: @eve._.artist

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