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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Emily Picard explores realism from this world and others. These “worlds” can be a certain time, location or even an entire plane of existence. Drawing from the worlds she learned about through a multitude of forms; she brings narratives into her body of work to span these different planes. She discovered her interest in creating art in secondary school, and is a multimedia artist, working in several different mediums including acrylic painting, ink and spray painting.

Artist Statement


As people come to Canada, they share and pass down their culture. Canada’s culture is not singular, but multifaceted. This entity made of many is just like many of Canada’s residents, such as myself, who come from multicultural families.

Each culture has many stories, fairy tales, myths and legends shared through oral tradition, written works and depictions of all kinds! With Canada’s smorgasbord culture and these myths and legends in mind; I created a series of “chimeric” legends which are made from different culture’s myths and legends to create new beings and entities. They represent people, like myself, who live in multicultural families and represent the intriguing phenomenon of specific similarities within tales from all sorts of cultures, despite being so far apart from each other. This intrigue is intensified due to the fact most legends and myths were made during times when one could or would not travel.

I chose to combine a series of legends that have similar aspects:
Top left: The Lernaean Hydra (Greek), Yamata no Orochi (Japanese) and a Beithr (Scottish)
Top right: A phoenix (Greek) and a thunderbird (First Nations)
Bottom right: Asian and Western-style dragons
Bottom left: Mermaids (Greek/Rome) and sirens (Greek)


Instagram: @emilypicard6         @emilypicardart

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