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Artist Category: Adult 19+


I studied design and majored in fashion at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Since migrating to Vancouver in 1982, I have fulfilled a number of diverse niches in the fashion industry as a designer and pattern maker. Inspired and fascinated by the West Coast’s natural beauty, I regained my passion for painting with watercolours and silk. Most of my inspiration comes from nature. My paintings reflect what I see and feel at a given moment, allowing the ambiance to guide my hand. Nature is a friend and mentor whom I would like to introduce to everyone through my art.

Artist Statement

The 2005 collapse of a garment factory in Dhaka killed over one thousand people, most of them women. I have been in the garment industry for many years, working from overseas to Vancouver, and I am empathetic to see how women are constantly undermined and mistreated. In remembrance of their sacrifice in the garment field, I painted this silk top In Her Silence.

This painting showcases an elegant woman, capturing her inner strength, energy and talent, silently investing the prime time of her life into the garment industry. It serves as a reminder that every garment we wear is a product of the collective labour, talent and artistry of individuals from different backgrounds.

Vibrant layers of colours in the background represent the rich tapestry of cultures and ethnicities present in the garment industry. The transition from light to shade reflects the harmonious coexistence and interconnectedness of these diverse voices.

May this artwork inspire empathy, understanding and compassion, and serve as a catalyst for positive change in our society. Together, let us champion multiculturalism, celebrate diversity, and stand united against all forms of discrimination.


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