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Updated as of April 29, 2022  

Place des Arts’ Communicable Disease Prevention Plan guidelines outlined in this document have been developed according to WorkSafe BC guidelines.  

1. Understanding the risk 

The level of risk of certain communicable diseases, including COVID-19, may increase from time to time or on a seasonal basis. PdA will monitor and review communicable disease-related information issued by our Fraser Health Officer or the Provincial Health Officer if it’s related to our industry, region or at our facility and will update our plan and  response accordingly.  

2. Implementing Appropriate Measures 

During any period of elevated risk, PdA will: 

  • Follow all direction from medical health officers and our regional health authority. 
  • Follow all orders, guidance, recommendation, and notices issued by the Provincial Health Officer that our relevant to our industry, region, City or facility. 
  • Assess and identify areas and activities that may pose a risk to students, visitors and Workers1. If necessary, implement appropriate safety measures including a COVID-19 Safety plan, to reduce the risk. 

Additional measures may include:  

  • Restricting or banning gatherings and events 
  • Modifying classroom setups to maximize space between individuals 
  • Limiting class sizes and number of visitors 
  • Implementing additional cleaning protocols 
  • Implementing sickness procedure for those exhibiting symptoms when at PdA 
  • Mandating mask use 
  • Mandating proof of vaccination 

3. Policies 

PdA will update and/or reimplement its policies and protocols as needed and will communicate changes to the public via our website and/or email, and signage throughout the facility. 

PdA’s policies support Workers who have symptoms of a communicable disease, so they can avoid being at the PdA facility or any off-site facilities when sick. 

PdA will ensure Workers are trained and kept up-to-date on changes to policies and procedures.  

4. Health check before entering PdA 

All students, visitors and Workers are asked to self-assess before entering the PdA building or any satellite facility where PdA conducts business. No one should enter if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or any other communicable disease (e.g., fever, chills, coughing, loss of sense of smell or taste, difficulty breathing).  

5. Hygiene 

Hand sanitation stations have been placed throughout the building. Signage is posted around the building reminding students, visitors and Workers to wash their hands regularly and how to cover coughs and sneezes. 

6. Ventilation 

PdA’s HVAC system is inspected and tested regularly including filter changes in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and any regulatory codes and recommendations. All systems have been installed to code in place at the time of installation including ASHRAE standards. Further, PdA’s HVAC components are also replaced regularly according to the City of Coquitlam’s facility lifecycle upgrade/replacement program.  On top of these standard practices and programs, the City continues to track recommendations from BC Health, and this would include measures pertaining to how we operate and maintain the HVAC systems in all our facilities. 

7. Cleaning and disinfecting around the building and in classrooms 

PdA follows BC Ministry of Health guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting our facility. This includes a two-step cleaning procedure for soiled areas: initially, a thorough cleaning using a neutral cleaner and then a secondary cleaning using an approved disinfectant2. 

Cleaning protocols specific to classroom activities and equipment have been established and will be followed according to the level of risk. 

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