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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Cassie is a mixed media artist from Port Moody, BC.

She channels art through drywall, acrylic paint, gold and recycled material. The process is intuitive as she pulls inspiration from her past and while combining it with Reiki energy, intuitive writing and oracle cards. With this, she creates art that is unique and reflective of her journey and what she sees and feels in the world. She loves the textured and coloured nature of her work, and in turn, finds joy in the curiosity it brings when you take your first conscious breath and fully surrender in the moment.

Artist Statement

Growing up I had a hard time finding a sense of self and did not have the language or ability to express all the feelings I had. I was brought up in a diverse, multicultural family with branches reaching out to Poland and the Philippines while rooted in a Western culture in Port Moody.

Blooming in the Gloom reflects the struggle and darkness that comes from being a soul experiencing life with family, breaking the chains of ancestral trauma and at the same time creating the bright, abundant, golden present world you want to live in for the future.

Instagram: @Bloominginthegloom

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