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Artist Category: Adult 19+


Arezoo embarked on her artistic journey at the age of 15, exploring a multitude of mediums.  Among them, her heart found solace in the vibrant world of watercolour. However, as time passed, she ventured into the realm of oil painting, using her artistic prowess to depict the ever-changing tapestry of her surroundings. Through her captivating artwork, she masterfully weaves together her thoughts and emotions, providing a profound glimpse into her inner world.

In 2006, she immigrated to Canada. Undeterred by the challenges of a new beginning, she passionately showcases the rich tapestry of Persian culture through her art.

Artist Statement

My artwork serves as a powerful tool to express and advocate for multiculturalism, diversity and anti-racism. In today’s interconnected world, where barriers between cultures are breaking down and diversity is celebrated, it is crucial for art to play an active role in fostering understanding, empathy and respect among individuals from various backgrounds. The blossoming of unity among people, transcending gender and external appearances, paints a vivid image of growth, enriching the spirit and nurturing its bloom. In Bloom is an oil painting that captures this concept of unity between people.

Through my journey to create In Bloom, I strived to capture the essence of multiculturalism by exploring the intricate beauty found within different cultures. Drawing inspiration from diverse traditions, customs and narratives, I aim to celebrate the richness and uniqueness that each culture brings to the tapestry of humanity. In Bloom becomes a visual symphony, where harmonious interactions between colours, forms and symbols represent the interconnectedness of our global society.

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