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Artist Statement

When the world seems bleak and frantic, I look for the colour, the reflections and the repetitive patterns in the natural world around me. Walks and hikes to watch the sun rise and set over the ocean or mountains give me hope and allow me to stay grounded in an often messy world. It’s a meditative process of walking, observing, taking a plethora of photographs and then painting the image with exaggerated colours.


Born in BC, Trish spent part of her childhood running around her forested property on Canada’s west coast and part of her childhood in Australia’s tropical northeast. While drawing and painting were her favourite creative mediums as a child, she trained and performed in different dance disciplines as a youth. Through these experiences, she gained the love and visual knowledge of movement which informs her painting.


Facebook: trisha.jamieson

Instagram: @trishajamiesonart

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